The Project


A Two-pronged, Art-centered Educational Project

After Dinner Party consists of two kinds of activities: a curated art exhibit and celebration; and a loosely coordinated series of individual and/or mass public actions. The form and scope of the second portion is entirely dependent upon the energy and creativity of participants. The goal is to represent the shape of the clitoris, in as many art forms and in as many venues or public spaces as possible, all over the city.

Part 1: Exhibit and Party

The exhibit features video, digital collage, sculpture, painting and drawing by over 20 artists from around the world. After the exhibit reception, participants and visitors are invited to a celebration featuring performances, music, drinks and Hors d'oeuvre. A portion of sales and donated proceeds from the evening will benefit the fund for the Conductive Garboil Grant.

Part 2: What is that? Coordinated Public Actions


Or, it's Okay, it's not dirty yet!

The goal of this portion of the project is to proliferate as many representations of the whole organ shape into the public as possible.


  • Print out an ADP QR code and put it in your car or store window.
  • Print out an ADP flyer and put it in your window.
  • Wear a clitoris button or T-shirt
  • Form the shape through dance with a flash mob
  • Chalk a clitoris on the sidewalk

Support ADP

Support the project with a donation, or by purchasing a button or T-shirt from our shop.

About the name: After Dinner Party

The name After Dinner Party pays tribute to the work of pioneering feminist artist Judy Chicago. In the 1970's, Chicago concieved of and produced The Dinner Party, a massive sculptural tribute to the accomplishments of women overlooked throughout history.

The Dinner Party

The piece featured place settings for each woman, and the plates were sculpted into and decorated with vulva-inspired forms. Read more at The Dinner Party website.