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Posted by ADP in Cliteracy, Personal.  
  • Nws361469

    The subject does not surprise me, as the amount of ignorance about feminine sexuality and anatomy is deplorable. For whatever reasons, a lot of the attention remains focused on the masculine sector, thereby conveniently ignoring the feminine. 
    As a man, I experienced feminine orgasmic release well before I found out about the clitoris. Yes, there is a lot of ignorance about the organ, yet said ignorance seems to have little, if anything to do with gender. Nor does it correlate with feminine capacity for arousal, which is all over the place.

    Over the years, I’ve repeatedly found that feminine sexuality in general is more than a little controversial, whether among women or men. One symptom of that is that recently I got kicked out of a creative writing group for focusing on women with an active sexuality. I carefully ignored details, while concentrating on issues, yet still managed to gross out one or more members. I cannot say that I feel bad about my writing, but after the initial surprise of being heatedly and  emotionally shown the door, I cannot say that I’m surprised. That I dared mention feminine arousal made the situation all that much worse. So many people find merely mentioning the subject abominable.

    Believe me, you people are the liberal end of society. What can we do to enable the population in general to liberalize?

  • Susan Stiritz

    May I shamelessly offer my own publication, Stiritz, S. (2008). “Cultural Cliteracy: Exposing the Contexts of Women’s Not Coming.” Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law, and Justice, 23, 242-266. Great project here!

    • After Dinner Party

      Thank you Susan!